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Debra Angus

Debra Angus

Debra Angus is a senior lawyer who has over 20 years experience working at the heart of parliamentary democracies. She has a deep understanding of public law and parliamentary processes and has built effective relationships with key-players in parliamentary and public sector.

Debra is an expert adviser on public, constitutional, parliamentary and electoral law. Debra is a former Deputy Clerk of the House of Representatives, legal adviser to Parliament’s Privileges Committee, the Regulations Review Committee and has advised select committees on legislative scrutiny, inquiries and petitions.

Debra has advised on the exercise of powers by public officials, regulatory and compliance functions, as well as transport, maritime and civil aviation law, health and safety law, rule-making and delegated legislation.

Debra has wide experience of the development of policy to legislation, subordinate legislation, rules and exemptions. She has conducted reviews of the process of developing legislation and reported on the operation of legislation as required by statute.  Debra is experienced in advising on public finance management, oversight, funding mechanisms, fees and charges. She has experience of drafting members’ bills and amendments to legislation. She has conducted civil and criminal litigation and is a former Crown Counsel.

Debra has also worked at the strategic and governance level, being a member of a senior leadership team and has managed a wide range of teams, including legal, policy and international relations. She has carried out responsibilities of a deputy chief executive, including acting as a chief executive and has been a member of a Risk and Assurance Committee.

Democratic Governance

Debra also works as an independent consultant with international organisations to build capability and strengthen developing democracies in effective governance, rule of law and public finance management projects:

  • working with developing democracies, post-conflict, and small-island developing states;
  • international best practice in parliamentary procedure and law, oversight, legislative and financial scrutiny;
  • capacity-building and induction programs for members of Parliament and secretariats;
  • constitutional and electoral law issues;
  • expertise in drafting procedural rules and legislation;
  • parliamentary indepence and autonomy;
  • assisting parliamentary secretariats at sittings;
  • public finance management, audit and governance reform;
  • oversight of the security sector.

Debra has worked on projects in Fiji, the Cook Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Nauru, Vanuatu and the Republic of Georgia.

How Debra works

How Debra works

"The underlying values of my practice are to provide solutions based on my expertise in public, constitutional, parliamentary and electoral law and the legislative process. I work in a practical way that focuses on finding solutions, solving problems and promoting understanding. I strive to be responsive to clients, personally looking after their needs and attune to working with different cultures. I believe I can make a difference by contributing to international efforts to build strong democracies in the world."

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